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An Interview with Bill McKibben

I interview a LOT of people, and in general whenever I’m slated to interview a big name in the environmental realm, I brace myself for condescension. The sad truth is that there’s a reason the mainstream isn’t cozying up to the idea of climate change and the need to do something about it, and frankly I think it’s the messenger. If the same dozen pompous guys keep delivering the same old message, chances of it getting through are pretty slim.

So it was a really pleasant surprise to read up on and then talk to Bill McKibben, considered by most to be one of the strongest and brightest voices in the environmental movement today. If more people could and would listen to Bill McKibben, more people would be yelling at the government to do something about climate change. It’s impossible to listen to this guy and not think, “Yeah, that makes sense.”

You can read the final interview here, and for those of you with a half-hour to spare, here’s the audio of the interview in its entirety – sorry for the “ums,” people, it was 5am my time!

Bill McKibben Interview from Amy Westervelt on Vimeo.

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