About Me

I am Amy Westervelt, a writer and editor who covers health, business, and the environment. I contribute regularly to Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and a variety of publications, most recently Fast Company, Slate, and Good. In the past I have been on staff at Spa Magazine,  Earth Island Journal, Heeb, VenusZine, Planet Magazine, and Sustainable Industries. My magazine work has appeared in ... Read More


M ost of my published clips are available online and I try to update this section fairly regularly. If you’d like to see more, or are interested in contacting me about a possible assignment or gig, please send me an email: amy at gmail dot com. Thanks! Design + Culture Environment + Food Travel + ... Read More


Like most writers, I spend most of my time delivering stories that other people want, written the way they want them. For an unedited view, check out the GaBlog. Ga! Is what I say when I am annoyed or surprised (sometimes both), which is several times a day. I also re-post blog entries published elsewhere here, in their unedited state. Topics range from interviews with interesting and/or ... Read More